The best brunch in Seattle


When the hubs and I decided to do our crazy (and awesome) Pacific Coast road trip I called my friend Amanda who lives in Seattle to see if she would be around. She told me she would, and that she had to be in a blog. To ensure her inclusion in a blog post she would take us to a fantastic brunch place, a place so fantastic she and her husband are willing to drive 45 minutes to get there.

And boy was it fantastic!

Potage Bay was one of the first restaurants in Seattle to start with the local, organic, sustainable menu, and they have created an amazing brunch menu around those ideas.


I had the dungeness crab Benedict, which was definitely local and definitely delicious. While crab Benedicts that I have had in the past simply tossed some crab meat on the English Muffin, the fine folks at Potage Bay made a crab cake (very light on the cake) topped it with sautéed spinach, a perfectly poached egg, and a wee bit of sauce.


The hubs choose the Potage Bay migas, which in addition to being served in a gorgeous homemade flour tortilla, could have homemade sun-dried tomato, spicy chicken sausage added (which clearly he did). Now I am usually not a fan of scrambled eggs, but these were light and fluffy and served as the perfect vehicle to bring all of the other flavors together.


If you prefer your brunch to be sweeter they have amazing brioche french toast, which you get to top at their toppings bar which are heavy on the fruits (all local, sustainable, and organic don’t you worry) along with fluffy whipped cream, sweet syrup, and a variety of nuts should you like a little crunch.


Another thing that I, as someone who is ALWAYS cold, appreciated was that if you were sitting outside with your friends darling dog Fenway, they brought you blankets to wrap up in. While it was July, it was July in Seattle and since we were seated in the shade for most of brunch the light serapes they brought us were just enough to keep off the chill and let us fully focus on the food!


I highly recommend a swing by Potage Bay, there are two Seattle locations, and I would make a reservation because it was hopping when we arrived. If you go, or have been, what did you eat???

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