This week at the market: Stuyvesant Town


Some weeks you stumble on a huge market, with vendors selling everything from produce, to live plants, and sometimes even bunnies (lookin’ at you Slippery Rock).  Other weeks you find a tiny market with a few vendors selling the freshest possible items. This week was one of those weeks.

Updating shoppers on what’s freshest this week

Tucked into Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan is a tiny little Sunday market of about ten vendors.  Since immediately after leaving the market I would have to get on a bus back to DC I knew I could only get a few things that would transport well.

Since last week was absolute madness I didn’t cook the whole week, and that made me sad.  Originally I had planned to order in upon getting home, but while flipping through some cookbooks Sunday morning I decided that a simple pasta with oven roasted tomatoes and basil could be the perfect dinner for buying the ingredients in one city and cooking it in another.


Don’t they look like wee little jewels???

In addition to some beautiful purple and green tomatoes, I found beautiful basil, along with a mango peach and a cheese roll for a bus snack ( I hate getting stuck somewhere without a delicious snack).

If I had more room I would also have grabbed some delicious wine that was being sold from upstate New York along with some locally made cheese.

The market was a perfect little spot to grab veggies for the week and escape the noisy streets of the Lower East Side for gorgeous green space.

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