A little light procrastination


My Monday started out with a broken air conditioner that could take so long to fix that the repair guy told us to look into getting window unit, le sigh.


To combat the general fatigue from knowing there is no AC at home (and the temperatures this week will stay about 90), I have been amusing myself by planning dishes for a few upcoming cookouts, and possibly snacks for my very own self.

A friend is throwing a cookout in her backyard this Saturday, hopefully wildlife free, and I think I must make this delicious Mexican Corn Salad despite my dislike of mayo.  corn 2For a cookout for the 4th of July I was trying to come up with a way to make some delicious salmon, as apparently it is a traditional food in the New England area due to the salmon running near the holiday, and then I stumbled across a picture on my phone of a spiced salmon kebabs recipe (yes I take pictures of recipes on my phone to keep me from being the crazy lady with bits of paper stuffed in her purse to try and remember recipes).  This recipe seems to be from the June Bon Appetit and I think would walk the fine line between not being the standard hamburger/hot dog fare and still being cookout friendly.


I am also in love with these youghert dipped berries I saw on Say Yes to Hoboken, while they would be amazing for a cookout they could also be amazing for breakfast tossed over some cereal, no?  I am a fan of anything that my brain could some how interpret as having ice cream for breakfast.DSC_0058

Lastly, I am sorely tempted to replace my good old LL Bean picnic tote (so called as I use it for picnics) with this darling little number from Masion de Kristine.


Just replace the spade with a bottle of prosecco!

It could be a picnic basket, a beach bag, or a tote for those days when you have way too much to carry and do NOT want to look like a bag lady on the metro.

How’s your Monday going?


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