A Seasonal Mashup


When most people think of crock pot meals they think of warm, bubbly dishes that revive your cold body in the winter.  Some of my best memories from high school were coming home from cross country/track practice frozen to the bone and smelling whatever my mom had going in the crock pot and knowing that I would be warm again at some point soon.

HOWEVER, as I have just learned the crock pot can also be paired with fresh spring veggies and rock your world just as hard.  The other night I decided to see if ratatouille could be made in the crock pot and still be delicious and fresh tasting, and boy can it.


I made a few alterations to the traditional recipe by using fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce, and doing multiple layers of each veggie instead of just one.

I also recommend using a mandolin (oh so carefully.  No seriously, use an oven mitt on the hand that you are mandolining the veggies with to prevent losing a chunk of your thumb) to get your veggies all the same thickness, except the onions which I sliced very thin.  Once you prep your veggies just layer away, add a few glugs of white wine, and let it bubble merrily away.


I served it over red quinoa because a) it was an awesome color and b) I am slightly obsessed with quinoa these days, and added a sprinkle of parmesan and gobbled it all up.


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