A Turkish Dinner Party


The other day I was bored (read procrastinating) at work and I started Googling Moroccan recipes, twenty minutes later I decided that for the dinner party we were throwing on Saturday I just HAD to go Moroccan.

While I had already mastered the chicken tagine, I decided to make it again as a) its crazy easy, and b) I had all of the ingredients I needed.  I did decide to add golden raisins to the boiling chicken stock when I made the couscous.  Which was super tasty and a really easy way to make the couscous fancy.

I had thought about also making a chicken pastilla, which is one of my most favorite Moroccan dishes with the layers of chicken and phyllo and almonds, topped with powered sugar.  However on Saturday we had a ton going on and the thought of making it was stressing me out.  So I skipped it.

Instead I made a collection of small moroccan salads, which were all fresh and delicious.  I started with a quick tomato salad as I had heirloom cherry tomatoes going bad in the fridge.  I cut them into quarters and discarded the seeds.  Then I tossed with the juice of one lemon and a little salt and pepper.


I then made another cold salad of 6 sliced Persian cucumbers which were tossed with; 4 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, 1/4 teaspoon of thyme and marjoram.

I then did two hot salads, one with carrots and one with eggplant.  While I tweaked the recipes for the tomato and cucumbers salads (mostly because I lacked a few ingredients for each) , I was able to follow recipes for the other two perfectly.  Both were super delicious and could be made along side any dish to make it a little fancier.

While I spent a lot of time chopping veggies none of these recipes took very much time, and you could absolutely prep ahead of time and then throw it all together and look like a total domestic goddess (which is generally how I like people to see me!)


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