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blog pic blogTastybelly is a home for the food related musing of Jessica Hulse Dillon, who enjoys cooking, eating, feeding others (particularly her super cute hubby/chef dishwasher) and shopping for food, and food related tools.

Jessica and the cute hubby, who is called Sam, live in Northern Virginia with 12 pounds of fur covered cat, called Bogart, and spends a good portion of her free time thinking about food, as well as trying to figure out how to dress more like a French girl, travel more, and not have to spend so much time cleaning up the fur that Bogart sheds.

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  1. I love love love your writing. Your words and style sound just like you’re right there on a couch explaining things. Eggs Benedict is my very favorite of breakfast offerings, and I’d love to try the light Hollandaise. Now if I could only successfully poach an egg. Say hello to your awesome hubs. –Kathy

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