An Italian classic, with mushrooms


I know I have written here about the use of marinara sauce as a way to use up veggie in the fridge before they go bad, but as I discovered the other night that is not the only Italian sauce you can use as a vehicle to prevent veggie waste.  I had purchased mushrooms to use in the fried rice the hubs made the other night, but he decided we had enough veggies and didn’t use them, so I needed to come up with another way to use them before they went bad.


Enter Pasta with Cacio e Pepe  which is a very simple pan sauce of butter, pepper, and cheese.  I started the sauce off by sautéing said leftover mushrooms in a little more butter, then when it was time to start the sauce, I added the originally called for amount of butter and made the sauce according to the recipe.  It literally could not have been easier, making this a great recipe for a crazy weeknight.  Plus the use of ALL the cheese means that anyone who doesn’t like this recipe is someone we don’t like, so they wouldn’t have been invited to dinner anyway.


I paired the pasta with a simple kale salad, with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice, and dinner was done.  Leaving lots of time for updating all our devices with iOS 7 and watch House of Cards.


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