Beet the beet


I have always been a little leery of beets and I am not sure why.  In theory they should be something I love.  They are pinkish, they are sweet, and my home state used to be a leading producer in sugar from sugar beets.  I decided to give them a try after seeing them at the farmers market looking suspiciously like flowers.  As an aside I some how lost my beet picture and borrowed this one from the fine folks at Klesick Family Farm who I desperately wish I lived close to as their produce looks to die for (hi Klesick Family!!!)


Another motivation to try beets was due to a recipe I found in Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook  which had you roast beets, and then toss them with avocado chunks and a mustard vinaigrette.  While you could look up the recipe in her book (I have made about half a dozen of her recipes and they are delicious, and fresh and easy so this is not a bad option) you could also throw it together yourself.

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