Breakfast for Dinner, Dutch style


No, this is not a post about what most children wish was for dinner every night, but rather a post about our good Dutch friends (hi King Willem-Alexander, wanna be friends) have done to the humble breakfast food.  What they have done is cover it in cheese and call it dinner!

On my recent trip to Amsterdam a certain travel guide book let us down daily with its out of date restaurant options, forcing us to forage in the wilds of Jordaan for sustenance.  Eventually we stumbled upon Pancake Bakery, and decided it must be good since the line was out the door.



The advantage to the line was that we were able to peruse the menu in all of its strange “international glory and amusement, at Pancake Bakery a Greenlandic pancake comes with spinach, melted French cheese, and cashews, while the Chilean comes with chili sauce, spicy mined meat, mushrooms, onions, and cheese (how on earth do I get the job of making up these combos cause I would be fantastic at it!).

Once we were seated we could view what the pancakes looked like for ourselves.  The simpler ones, such as my choice of chorizo and cheese was like a pizza with a non-crispy bottom, while my companions choice of the Egyptian (one of the more logical international flavors containing lamb, paprika, and garlic sauce) was simply folded over calzone style.


While there was nothing terribly original about the concept, the resulting meal was both delicious and warm, which made up for the fact that as the sun went down those canals got damn cold.


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