Camping Tasty Belly Style


So four and a half years later the hubs has finally convinced me to go camping.  Being the smart fellow that he is, he buried the camping in the middle of a road trip from Vancouver to San Diego.  He also bought me a sweet, sweet camping stove so I can cook my heart out while camping on beaches, in forests, and in national forests along the way.


To prepare for camp style cooking I found the book Campfire Cuisine: Gourmet Recipes for the Great Outdoors, which I used to build a meal list that both allows me to utilize the local markets and specialities of the areas we will be traveling through, as well as to pick up some tricks to make my food as delicious as I want it to be.


I have laid out breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for two consecutive days of camping, and we may opt for a third camping day after our stop in Napa.    My kitchen set for the trip will be pretty basic, a pair of tongs and a bamboo spoon from my kitchen, along with a roll of foil.  I also picked up a condensed set of dishes, which includes a cutting board, and a kitchen knife from REI.

Stay tuned to see how well I manage to feed myself and the hubs with this collection of tools!


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