Danger Will Robinson, Danger


I love farmer’s markets, possibly more then is reasonably acceptable, I love them even more then when I am FORCED to kill time in one because, despite having the time correct in my calendar, I think brunch is an hour earlier then it is.  This was the conundrum I found myself in this past Saturday when I had to kill and hour at Union Market, which is a cross between an outdoor farmers market and Eataly.

When it first opened in October it was rather empty, but as we roll into 2013 it has filled up considerably with local vendors of meat, veggies, coffee oysters, cheeses and more.  piggy

On Saturday in my wanderings I was able to pick up all the veggie I needed for the week ahead, including brussel sprouts, to pair with a maple pork roast, carrots the size of a toddlers leg, to go into Ina Garten’s pot pie (use about half of the butter and sub bought puff pastry for the crust), and eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, and tomatoes, for an experiment in Italian ratatouille in the crock pot (stay tuned for results).


The great part about Union Market is that you can get in some quality people watching, while nibbling and sipping your way around the market.  On a previous visit I sampled some local oysters and white wine, while on this visit I had an egg nog egg cream, which  made me so happy since my egg nog season was cut short this year due to the Asian Expedition as well as Peruvian coffee, roasted locally.

coffeeAll in all, a highly successful way to have to kill a few hours, let me know what you think of the market!

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