Date Shakes


Ok y’all.  I know I have been AWOL lately.  Sorry.  However I have a super good reason, in that I have gotten the best new job doing something I love for a company I come just short of worshipping.  Somehow I managed to fall into a job planning events and other client activities for Kate Spade, WHOOOOOOOOO!  Now I have to spend my days hanging out with a brand I love and coming up with ways to share it with lots of other people.  Stay tuned for more on this front.

camp mighty

While learning how to do my new job I also flew off to Palm Springs for a weekend at Camp Mighty with a bunch of super amazing ladies, and a few brave gentlemen.  Among our activities we talked about the amazing things we want to do, encouraged each other in the activities they want to do, hung out by the pool, went to a space themed party, hung out by the pool some more, AND discovered a Palm Springs delicacy.

photodate shake

Please pardon the picture quality, I only had my phone with me at camp

Palm Springs is known for its date crop, due to the dry, desert air, also due to the dry, desert air someone decided to whirl the dates into a delicious milk shake to be consumed with your feet in the pool.  The combination of dates, milk, and ice cream creates a mildly sweet and nutty which I was not expecting but certainly enjoyed.  While this is something that can be recreated fairly easily I do think that some foods should only be consumed in context.  So I will just have to go back to Palm Springs to have another someday.

Do you have a food you love that you only eat in a certain place?


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