Falling White Death


So in the general Washington DC area anytime precipitation falls from the sky there is PANIC.  In the last week alone there have been two snow showers, less than an inch each time, and some moderately freezing rain, which scored most of us a 3 hour delay on starting our Monday (thanks OPM!!).

Said panic can take the form of people stocking up on toilet paper and canned goods (or wine and chocolate depending on who you are).  In can also take the form of loss of all damn sense, including how to behave like a civilized human in terms of general transportation.  Now some of us learned how to drive in Denver, where a foot of snow might result in a half hour delay in school starting but only if the guy driving the salt truck was running late.  So for those of us who do not think the world is about to end the best course is to hole up with a few cocktails, some delicious food, and your favorite people till everyone calms down.


This brings us to the story of Friday night, where the falling white death had begun (maybe 1/8 of a dusting at that point), so in lieu of other plans the hubs and I decided that making something fun for dinner and watching a movie was a good call.  So off we skipped to that bastion of yuppie food procurement (Whole Foods) where we tried to come up with
something that sounded tasty belly.  We finally settled on a version of Giada’s Antipasto Calzone.  I had the roasted red peppers at home, along with some leftover fresh mozzarella left over from Wednesday nights gnocchi tomato broth, to which we added a few other kinds of cheese, some spicy salami and a quick  red sauce with a can of crushed tomatoes, slices of hot Italian sausage, cooked in a sauté pan and  then added to the sauce once sliced (yes i should probably just buy stock in Pommi Tomatoes).  The whole concoction was poured over pre-made dough from the fine folks at Whole Foods and baked at 375 till the outside was toasty brown and juices were bubbling around the edge of the crust that came unsealed.

Once the calzone has cooled enough to not singe the top of your mouth, consume with copious amount of red wine and wait for the insanity outside to calm itself the hell down.

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