Get your veggie on


While the holidays were absolutely delightful, they were pretty meat heavy, which when combined with single digit weather makes it rather difficult to get out of my warm bed with the brand new sparkly sheets and 12 pounds of fuzzy kitten. DSC_0048

you want to cuddle with me, right???

To perk myself up I continued my soup making, but this time had the time, and frozen chicken stock, to make a homemade one.  The beauty of a veggie soup is that you can throw in whatever you have, and as long as you season it well it will be absolutely delicious.  The other great thing about soup is that you can add pantry items that having been hanging around and make them super delicious. DSC_0030 I started by chopping up an onion, and all the leftover zucchini, orange peppers, carrots, and celery from New Year’s Eve.  I seasoned the veggies with a little salt and a bunch if pepper, I wanted to keep as much of the flavors of veggies as I could and just pump them up a little.  Then while the veggies were sautéing in enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pot I thawed four cups of chicken stock.  To that I added a 14oz can of tomatoes and 14oz of leftover white wine.  While that boiled I partially cooked (6 minutes or so) a package of dried tortellini (no idea where they came from but in the pantry they were).  Once they were ready I added them, and a can of garbanzo beans and lunch was ready. DSC_0035 The best part was having leftover to take to work for the next two days.  While having to go to work when its freezing is slightly soul destroying knowing I would have a warm and delicious lunch somehow made it all doable.

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