I’m back baby dolls!


Well, I am sort of back.  Sorry for the absence, but adjusting to a new schedule that is so radically different from my previous schedule has been totally exhausting.  Combined with the crazy weather and an on-again off-again cold I have been going to work, coming home to cuddle with my blonde boys, and then sleeping and doing it all again.  Which is kind of good and kind of makes me feel like a bum, so its time to unbum my life.

Part of the work craziness is that I have been working much later hours, getting home after ten and at that hour you don’t want to cook but rather want food to be ready NOW.  While the hubs is excellent at whipping up something delicious I still love to cook so my crockpot has become my new best friend.

Stews are always a good idea because you can use whatever protein you want and seasonal vegetables, a bit of stock/wine and spices and you have deliciousness ready to go.  Stew can be served over pasta, or mashed potatoes, or even on their own in a bowl.  To be honest, and I know this won’t shock you, I make it up as I go along, if you need some recipes to follow or cannibalize try these;

beef stew

moroccan veggie stew

veggie chili with sweet potatoes (i love me some sweet potatoes)

Shredded meat is also a delicious way to go, since you can do so many different things with it to make one crock pot full and have it last you a few meals.  I made Martha’s slow cooker buffalo chicken, which was delicious but rather light on the buffaloness.  For dinner we ate it as lettuce wraps with more buffalo sauce and blue cheese on top, for lunch the next day it was dressed up as tacos with corn tortillas from the freezer and some grated cheese.  The rest was turned into a quick chili with the addition of frozen corn, black beans (again from the freezer), and another sprinkle of cheese.

Forgive me for the lack of pictures this post, I will work on adding more pictures next week, baby steps back to fully functional adulthood!

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