In which I am rather dumb


I am the crazy lady that keeps chicken carcasses in her freezer to be turned into stock. Opening my freezer kind of looks like something out of a poultry episode of Dexter.

I love making stock, it both lets me get all the use possible out of a chicken and is waaaayyy cheaper then buying boxes stock to cook with. In the past when I have made stock its an all day process where my stove runs, the whole house smells like chicken, and my cat goes bananas all day.


Yesterday I realized I needed stock for something I planned to make this week and decided to try to using my crock pot, and then I realized I was a little dumb for waiting that long to make stock that way.

I tossed in a chicken carcass, some chopped onion, covered the whole thing in water and let it cook while I went about my day. While I did laundry, took the tiny human to the park, and generally got my Saturday on I had fresh stock building flavor. After that batch finished I decided it was so easy so I did another one overnight. Now I’m set for stock for a few weeks and have space in the freezer again for ice cream!



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