In Which I Learn to Love Anchovies


I used to think I hated anchovies, they are slimy, and oily, and a little furry.  And then I learned I was wrong.  Or at least I was sort of wrong.  I found this amazing recipe for an asparagus ceasar salad from the delightful Sassy Radish, and it included a few of my favorite things in life, include lemon,  Parmesan cheese, and asparagus.  It also included anchovies.

I came across some gorgeous asparagus at the farmers market and decided that this recipe had to be tried.  So I deciided to try anchovies and see what their deal was.  The recipe calls for chopping the anchovies very fine.  I have also read that you can dissolve anchovies in hot oil, so I assumed that if they were chopped finely enough they would become a sort of liquid, and man was I right!  When chopped finely and mixed with olive oil and lemon juice it makes this creamy, but not cloying, dressing.

After stopping myself just short of licking the bowl when i served the salad at dinner, I decided i had to make it again.  However, I didn’t have the anchovies!!  I made it anyway, and while it was still rather tasty it was not nearly as awesome.

So moral of the story, anchovies are good.  Go forth and share my new discovery!!


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