Insanity, my favorite meal, and a kitten


I’m sorry y’all this week got unexpectedly in-freaking-sane.  I have gone out too much and worked more then is normal, so by the time I get home I am way too tired to do much let alone properly blog.

So instead I am going to share with you an amazing recipe for one of my favorite meals, which I hope to make next week when life calms down.

I have loved pasta carbonara for years, its so easy and lovely and satisfying, without being heavy (heads up I do NOT make mine with cream).  Plus you generally have the ingredients laying around, all you need is an egg or two, some parmesan cheese, some pasta, and bacon/pancetta/something vaguely similar.  I have made it sans porkness and its just as delicious.  Then a few years so I stumbled on Nigella’s version of carbonara, and my head exploded.  Again, I left out the cream, but the whole deglazing the bacon pan with a bit of vermouth changed my world, or at least my dinner, and added like 2 minutes to the whole cooking process.  So give this a whirl, unless you already have and then go you!

Since this post is light on pictures I shall instead give you pictures of my two favorite boys as eye candy, see you next week friends when I will tell you about New York, my attempt to learn how to can tomatoes, and we can discuss menu planning for Labor Day.

IMG_1420Somedays I am not sure which one is cuter, and then I remember one does almost all of the dishes!

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