Kale is your friend


So I have already shared with you the recipe for the world’s yummiest kale, have you made it?  If not go do it, its ok I’ll wait and drink my delicious coffee till you come back.

Now let us discuss raw kale and its place in your life.  Now until recently I thought that raw kale was total bs, it tasted like chewing on leaves.  Then both Joe Yonan AND my friend Jen introduced me to the idea of massaging your kale before you eat it.  Now I know it sounds strange, but it totally makes it delicious.  You can either massage the kale raw or you can toss a little olive oil on it and massage it in.  I recommend this method because the oil gives it a really good flavor and it breaks the kale down just a little bit more then a dry massage method (which if you have ever had massages you know you need some sort of oil to keep everything moving).  The other upside to using oil is that then you already have some on the kale and it makes it crazy easy to dress the salad once you are ready.  Massage the kale and then let it sit for at least a half hour and up to a few hours before serving it.


Now I am a purist when it comes to my salad dressing, I don’t like heavy dressing but rather prefer something light and simple.  More often then not I use olive oil, lemon juice, and some parmesan (which I generally use in place of salt in most recipes).  I also make a lot of dijon vinaigrettes, because I am always looking for a new way to get mustard into my mouth.


With a kale salad you want to keep it on the light side, but add a lot of delicious veggies to amp up the flavor.  Right now you should add tomatoes to absolutely everything before they go out of season.  You could also toss some delicious berries on the salad, blueberries and raspberries are awesome right now (and would go really nicely with the above mentioned dijon vinaigrette), I also bet that you could get tiny humans to eat a salad if it has fruit on it.  Fresh corn and cucumbers would also be really yummy, I would toss them with a spicier dressing to set off the flavors nicely.  I once learned a trick of using some sriracha as a dressing, just be super careful not to use too much.

DSC_0058What are you putting on your salads in these remaining days of summer?


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