Kitchen Sink Soup


So spring is just not playing nice.



Ok, so maybe its not that bad, but 6 days into spring 2013 we woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground, and more freezing snow/slush falling.  Therefore the only option was to make something warm and bubbly.  I choose to go with chicken soup.DSC_0009


Now I will tell you how I made this soup, but you could substitute whatever you have in your fridge and get a similar, and super yummy result.  I happened to have shredded chicken leftover from the two that I roasted for my French birthday fete last weekend, as well as two carrots,  some garlic, and a handful of green lentils, four cups of chicken stock from the freezer, and a cup of white wine.


Literally all I did was add it all, along with celery salt and crushed red pepper and let it happily bubble away for about 3 hours till it smelled amazing and was ready to eat.  The soup combined with an open faced grilled cheese sandwich made a perfect dinner for a cold and nasty night.


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