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I do believe I have disclosed my all out love for farmer’s markets, or greenmarkets as they are known in Europe, and one of the really awesome things about them is that they are a great way to check out the local goods and get a cheap lunch.

On my recent trip to Amsterdam my lovely traveling buddy and I spent the morning walking the Albert Cuypmarkt, which is nearly 110 years old and lines both sides of the street in the De Pijp which sells everything you could ever want, from cheese to veggies to metallic leggings.

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During our wanderings we collected plums, cheese, sausage, fresh bread, and prosecco (obvi).  Cheese mongers are among the nicest people at the most markets, they love to talk about their wares and advise you on what to get, on this particular day they let us taste an Amsterdam cheese that was mild and creamy.  The sausage was chosen based on how much we felt like eating.


One bit of travel advise, always travel with someone who is crafty enough to turn a water bottle into two cups to drink wine out of (short story, my friends rule).


Once you have collected your food and beverages, find a sunny spot where you can watch the local frolic and dig in!


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