Mi piace il formaggio


So one of my favorite foods is cheese.  All cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese, cheese with stuff in it, and on it, and next to it.  I even think there is even a place for Kraft, pre-wrapped singles (to be melted over noodles for a quick and dirty mac and cheese).

A few weeks ago the fine folks at The Frisky shared a post by Winona Dimeo-Ediger on the perfect cheese board and due to my love of cheese and the fact my brother had given us a gorgeous wood cutting board from Belize it was time to have a cheese party!

So I took the advice on building a cheese board from The Frisky and got some help from the local cheese store, Cheestique (and Trader Joe’s who has excellent cheese at super reasonable prices) and I got busy.

The article advised you to have a cheddar, an aged goat, a Bloomy Rind, something sweet, and something savory.

I will admit up-front that Cheestique caused me to buy more then was probably needed.  However it was all amazing!  From them I got a Beechers Flagship (cheddar) from Pike’s Place Market, Saint Nectaire from France (goat), and Lambchopper a Dutch sheeps milk (just cause).  I also got some tasty pâté de maisons (savory).

The fine folks at Trader Joe’s added some Double Cream Brie (Bloomy Rind), and a cinnamon rolled Tuscana (which is a hard cheese that tastes just a tiny bit sweet, also just for fun), as well as fresh baguettes (some more savory).

To round out the cheese board, which had expanded to a board, a plate, and a bowl, I added white peach jam (sweet) from my friend Kim’s dad John, who I have become twitter friends with and therefore got a whole box full of jam from (and whom I still owe a shipment of vodka sauce, whoops!).

Of course we also had some bubbly (I prefer Prosecco or Cava to Champagne but there is no judgement so long as you share), plus beer and wine for those who choose.

The moral of this story is that cheese is good, and you should eat some!







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