Party Prep!


I know I owe you all posts about all of the eating we did on the road trip, and don’t worry, I’ll get there.  Before I get to that I need to put together a wee lunch party on Saturday for a bunch of my friends who are planning on hanging out and then getting in some spa time.

I wanted to do something that is both fun, highlights fresh summer veggies, and doesn’t require me to stand over a stove for too long.  After going through all of my various cookbooks and party planning books my head was swirling, do I do a bunch of delicious salads (but that’s not terribly substantial), or maybe a cold roast beef with some cold roasted veggies on the side (yummy but reeks of a hotel buffet).


After mulling it over a while I decided to go with the ratatouille recipe from Bastille Day that I never got around to making, it was so much nicer to lay on the beach instead.  To go with it I wanted to make a lemony chicken dish, and then I realized this was the PERFECT time to season and use the tangine we got as a wedding present.

tangineAfter searching a bit online I found a chicken tangine recipe that sounds delicious and can be made quickly and left to cook away while I set up the rest of the lunch.

Beverage wise I wanted something light and fruity, and in It’s All Good (which I have mentioned on this blog before) I found a recipe for a watermelon and mint aqua frecsa that fits the bill.  It will be delicious and fresh and can either be mixed with sparkling water or sparkling wine.

Decoration wise I think a simple table with a orange striped tablecloth, blue mason jar flower arrangements with bright daisies will be pretty but not overwhelm the food.

baby shower 2

I’ll let you know how the party goes!

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