Plum Crazy!


Cooking for yourself is fun, cooking for others is more fun, cooking for the tiny human you made is kind of the best.


Babies are fun to feed because you can just puree most of what you want to eat and feed it to them. When you first starting feeding your little one solids take it easy on the spices but as they get older you can add them back in and layer flavors and textures.

They also make excellent receptacles for fruit you bought before you went on vacation about and then totally forgot about in your crisper drawer for two weeks! If your kiddo likes applesauce as much as mine does it a great vehicle to introduce other flavors (see that bags of plums you left in the fridge for two weeks).


After taking the pits out (with my fingers), I tossed the squishy plumness into a pot with 1/2c of water, a teaspoon of each cinnamon and ginger, and let it bubble merrily away.  I ended up adding a tablespoon of sugar as they cooked to counter-act some sourness.  I let it cook on a super low flame (as low as my gas stove would go without the flame going out) for a little over an hour till it was the consistency of a thin jam.  You could cook it more or less depending on your preference or how much time you have to let it cook, there is no wrong answer!


The beauty of this recipe is that I can just as easily stir it into her applesauce as my chia seed pudding (I love that calling something that is healthy pudding makes it so much more appetizing) and it takes almost no time to make.


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