Quick, easy, and delish


I am a sick person.  I truly love making big elaborate meals that require multiple steps, multiple pots and pans, and take hours to prep all of the steps from scratch.  Sadly I cannot cook that way every day.  On Tuesdays I have dance until 9:30, which means I walk in the door around 10:15 and good grief am I hungry when I do.  The hubs beats me home by about an hour and a half, after being at work and at school all day, so he is tired and hungry as well.  Generally he makes some sort of kitchen sink meals for us, using either mac and cheese or random veggie as a base.


This week, since we had been out of town the weekend before, the contents of our fridge consisted of eggs, leftover Chinese delivery rice.  Clearly the only dinner option was to make some fried rice for dinner.  A while back I had stumbled across a recipe in People Magazine for Hugh Jackman’s fried rice, and if it’s good enough for Wolverine it’s good enough for us.


I did decide to add some more veggies to bulk up the rice a bit, and to combat the sheer amount of red meat we ate at the wedding last weekend, the veggies (red pepper, mushrooms, and peas) were just added to the oil, garlic, and ginger.


The recipe is so simple but so yummy, and really could be made with whatever you happen to have kicking around your fridge and even frozen veggies if that’s what you have.

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