Road Food


One of the greatest things about a meal is when it is exactly what you wanted, particularly when you didn’t exactly know what you wanted, particularly when you are killing time in a small town in Western Colorado for the night.

This year’s Christmas plans included spending a night in Grand Junction, Colorado waiting to catch a flight.  Rolling into town from Moab I did a quick Google search for a place to have dinner and came across multiple recommendations for Bin707 so we figured why not give it a try.  And then it blew. our. minds.

Their menu features local and homemade snacks, featuring a Burrata filled with olive oil custard, the cheese is light and fluffy and when you cut into it you get a light, fluffy bite that you can dip in the drippy, yummy custard that pours out of the center, a-mazing.  Their cheese board is accompanied by a whole grain mustard that will bring tears to your eyes, a sweet balsamic vinegar, and pears to layer with all the various elements.

The rest of the menu was just as light, and flavorful, including a Colorado beet salad that is both sweet and savory, a bar burger that made two boys very happy, and Momofuku’s Crack pie, to which they have added homemade vanilla/honey ice cream.

While it may be slightly out of your way to pop in, if you are in the area do give Bin707 a try, and don’t turn up your nose as the Colorado made wine in a can!!



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