Serenity Now!!


So in the movie Julie and Julia, Julie Powell (in the form of Amy Adams) describes how at the end of a long day it is comforting when you can combine simple ingredients and they turn into something great (if you can find the actual quote I will send you baked goods).  Yesterday was one of those days.

Thanks to WMATA nonsense I had to drive to work which added hours to my day and therefore ruined my whole plan to make my own black beans for tacos, forcing me to go to plan b.  The day before a friend had posted a picture of an amazing looking shrimp recipe and by some random chance I had all the ingredients, save the shrimp.

Now before I continue I should explain my feelings on cooked shrimp.  In short I generally hate them, as shrimp get over cooked fast and eating over cooked shrimp is kind of like eating rubber.  I generally prefer my shrimp cold and dipped in spicy cocktail sauce.  However, as an adult, and obsessive foodie, I decided I should try to expand my shrimp eating.

After driving back home from work, picking up some frozen shrimp, letting them thaw in the car while I went to dance (it was only 60 degrees out, no way they would go bad.  And also, don’t judge!!) I headed home to whip this up.  In full disclosure I added about a quarter cup of random white wine to the tomatoes and let them cook in that for a few minutes before adding the cream, and also tossed peas into the pasta water when there was about 4 minutes left on the pasta. shrimp pasta 2

All in all, in about 25 minutes, only about 15 of those active, I got to sit down to an amazing meal with the hubby and totally zen out after a crappy day.

shrimp pasta 1



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