They’re Floating!!!


So, it’s winter.

And not only is it winter but it’s that part of winter where the temperature doesn’t make it above freezing all week, and your skin gets all itchy due to it constantly be wrapped in layers of warm yet itchy fabric, and the cat is twice his normal size due to the static in the air and its just all sorts of annoying.

Now on the upside there are things like wine, and knee socks with ninjas on them, and gnocchi in tomato broth from wonderful and brilliant Smitten Kitchen.

Now let’s talk about gnocchi, there are a lot of stupid complicated recipes for what is essentially potato based dough, potatoesto the point where I tried to master these bad boys a few years ago, failed, gave up, and moved onto other things.  However darling Deb convinced me they should be tried again, plus we got a potato ricer/food mill as a wedding present.

So try I did, and succeed I totally did!

After following the recipe for the gnocchi I laid them out on cookie trays to set/dry while I went and pillaged the outlet malls for a while on Sunday and by the time I got home was no longer in the mood for them (I was more in the mood to drink the remaning amounts in a number of bottle of wine) so I popped the little suckers in a freezer bag and sent them into the icy abyss to wait for me to be ready for them.

Then on Wednesday, which was one of those days where many, many (read ALL) the things went pear shaped, I decided that making tomato broth was what needed to happen, somehow chopping and stirring sounded like it would be a soothing conclusion to my day, and boy was it.  So I did, and then combined said broth with above mentioned gnocchi (I swear I almost started crying when they actually floated!!!), and some little pieces of fresh mozzarella (you know, why not) it the most delectable and delicious and light and filling dinner I have had in a while.

gnocchiSo the morals of today’s story are 1) Deb Perelman is a genius (in case you were unaware), 2) you can conquer your food making demons, and 3) making dinner is a great way to save a shitty day.

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