This meal is brought to you by the letter R


I am really bad at using perishable before they go bad, so this time i tried to rectify that.  I had purchased a contained of ricotta for some recipe that I can’t remember and had the better part of a container left.  After a quick search of my favorite food blogs I found an awesome recipe for a zucchini and ricotta galette for the brilliance that is Smitten Kitchen (in case you didn’t know she has a cookbook coming out soon!)

Since I was making this on a busy Thursday night I skipped on the homemade crust and grabbed two packages of crescent rolls and used those as the crust.  The assembly is pretty simple, although instead of laying out the zucchini slices on paper towel to salt them i tossed them in a colander and salted them and let them drain in the sink while I got everything else ready, this also works well for when you need to salt eggplant before you cook it.

Once it was assembled it only took about 15 minutes to cook, although I did have to tent the galette with foil to keep the crust from burning about half way through.

Served with a quick salad of random greens and a mustard vinaigrette (grainy mustard, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and crushed tarragon to taste), it was a quick and tasty dinner.


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