This week at the Market: Ferry Building, San Francisco


During our road trip we had decided not to stop in San Francisco, we were just there last summer and there was so much more of California that we wanted to see.  But then I messed up on the location of Cowgirl Creamery and I REALLY needed some of their cheese.  So I came up with the idea to stop at the Ferry Building for a quick lunch.  Not only could we grab some delicious seafoody lunch, stock up on ingredients for dinner the next night, AND we got to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to do it!

IMG_1356By the time we got there I had already come up with the plan to make mac and cheese the next night while we were camping, so while at the Ferry Building I needed to pick up supplies including Fat Bottom Girl cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, freshly sliced proscuitto from Boccalone, and heirloom tomatoes from the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Ferry Building

In the middle of collecting the goodies we stopped to get some lunch.  The greatest vendor for lunch is the San Francisco Fish Company, not only is their food fresh and delicious but they also have a walk up oyster bar in the gallery.  For $2 you walk up to the nice lady and she hands you a freshly shucked oyster which you can then top with your choice of cocktail sauce, mignonette, lemon juice, or horseradish that will blow the top of your head off.  My only regret is that I did not eat ALL OF THE OYSTERS and stopped at two.

IMG_1359How cute is my favorite eating his oysters???

After we finished our oysters we grabbed one of the high top tables and shared a sourdough bread bowl of lobster chowder, which was fresh and creamy without being cloying.


It was a quick stop in San Francisco, but an absolutely delicious one!

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