This week at the market- home sweet home


After three weekend trips in a row I was finally home this week (although not for long), which means a trip to my local farmer’s market in Alexandria.  After rolling out of bed on Saturday the hubs and I hit the market to get supplies for the week.  Our first stop at the market was at the iced coffee stand, quickly followed by the hub’s favorite Kiwi pie stand (the chicken curry pie was to die for), while I grabbed a quick chocolate croissant to eat while wandering.
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We have reached that point in the summer where all of the produce is completely gorgeous and fresh and you have to work really hard to restrain yourself not to buy it all.  Normally I plan out meals for the week so I know exactly what I am looking for, however this week I hadn’t.  The beauty of this is that I could grab whatever looked amazing, which this week included some gorgeous green beans and fresh peas.  The beans will get steamed lightly and tossed with a bit of olive oil, while the peas will get braised.



While I hadn’t planned dinners I had decided that I wanted to make a pitcher of green juice for my breakfasts.  My green juice is pretty simple, just spinach  fruit, youghert, and a bit of almond milk.  One of my favorite stands at the market is the Blue Ridge Daily Company, they make an amazing honey flavored Greek youghert which is perfection in my green juice.

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I also stocked up on snacks for us both for the week.  The hubs is quite fond of tomatoes while I found some amazing looking cherries and seedless watermelon, which I have cut up and put in the fridge so it can be grabbed for a quick snack.

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While we were only at the market for about 20 minutes we managed to get breakfast, fresh veggies for the week, and a big dose of Old Town to start the weekend off with.

Next week we’re off to a wedding in Western Pennsylvania, can’t wait to see what they have to offer at their market!

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