This week at the market: Pioneer Square Market, Portland


Going to Portland and not going to a farmer’s market would just be wrong, right?  Since the hubs and I were kicking off the camping portion of our trip after Portland I decided we would hit a farmer’s market on our way out of town to stock up (stay tuned for a post on camp cooking Tasty Belly style)!
Portland’s Monday market is at Pioneer Square, a square in the city center so we were able to buy our veggies next door to Nordstrom and Sephora which is something I have never had the pleasure of doing before.
Since we were going to be camping for only two nights I tried to keep my purchasing to a minimum, however they had some surprising things that we had to get for our trip.
DSC_0185Only in Portland
After five days of eating and drinking our way south we were looking for some delicious beverages sans alcohol, which the folks at Hot Lips soda had for us.  They had a delicious array of all natural sodas flavored with local fruit, including cherry, marionberry, and blueberry.
I picked up some bagels for quick camping breakfasts from Tastebud.  In addition to being quick and easy they kept perfectly and were just the right amount of chewy and savory.
I also found purple green beans, which I had never seen before and were going to be perfect steamed alongside fish for dinner.
The biggest surprise of the market was the momo stand!  I told you all about my love of momos after my Nepal trip last year, so getting to have authentically made momos from a guy from Pokhara while sitting in Portland was an unexpected and delicious treat.
If you have more time, or are there closer to lunch there were multiple food stands making fresh dishes to order that you should try and tell me about.

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