This week at the market- Rocky Mountain Style

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When visiting farmer’s markets while traveling you often cannot buy all the delicious items you would like, those gorgeous cherries and multi-colored heirloom tomatoes would never survive the over stuffed overhead bin on your flight home in 6 hours.  However, sometimes you get lucky and the market has lots of delicious goodies that can be shoved in your tote bag for the trek home.  This week I got lucky at the Parker Farmers Market in Parker, Colorado!
The market was a collection of green stands with fresh produce, a variety of plants just waiting for a sunny deck and lots of water, delicious food stands (including lots of items smothered in fresh green chili), and many transportable yummies.
The fine folks of the Anderson Meat Company also stocked a wide variety of pastas and orzos from Papardelle’s, a line I first stumbled across at Pike Place Market (stay tuned for a write up in late July!!).  Being in Colorado I decided the only choice was an Extreme Habenero Radiatore, which I think would be delicious with a light, fresh tomato sauce.
My other pick was locally roasted coffee.  While I am perfectly happy to hit Starbucks for a quick fix, I do love hand roasted beans, freshly grinded, and brewed for a really good cup on the weekends.  The fellows at Moonshot roasters had a number of choices including beans from Kenya, Peru, and Ethiopia.  After a few minutes of discussion my dad scored the Ethiopian beans to brew in his Italian stove-top espresso pot and I walked away with Peruvian beans to add to the hubs’s collection in the freezer.
During my wandering I also was rewarded with samples of pork tamales, fresh peach cobbler, and Meyer lemon olive oil, which I really wish TSA would let me board the plane with.  All in all, a successful market trip while on the move.
Stayed tuned for Marche Jean Talon next week!
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