This week at the market- Slippery Rock, PA


This weekend’s trip took the hubs and I to Slippery Rock, PA to attend a fabulous barn wedding. In addition to being part of the wedding army (read a whole lot of manual and decorative labor) to make their wedding stunning, we had time for a quick trip to the local Saturday Market.

The Slippery Rock Community Farmers Market was a very different breed of market then any I have been to in a long time.  The market itself was held in a clearing at Rock Falls Park, with a gorgeous view of a waterfall.


As part of my wedding army duties I was in charge of delivering lunch to the wedding parties, and I was really hoping to find fresh and delicious goods at the market for lunch.  Sadly, not so much.

SR Farmers Mkt

The market was heavy on vendors with plants and herbs, as well as adorable white bunnies (and no I don’t want to think about the fact that they were probably for food and not pets).  Stands with local beef, goat milk soap, fresh eggs, and Alpaca manure (no, seriously) were also on offer.  Since none of that would really work for a lunch on the run, or make the trip home safely I left empty handed but had a fantastic wee mini hike, all in all a Saturday win!


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