Un petit fete: the decor


Sorry for the delay in getting the second part of this post up, but some life happened, including decorating a farm for the wedding of two of our fantastic friends, watching the hubs preform their ceremony, and then sitting on a tractor in my wedding finery while sipping Sav Blanc that was appropriated by the groom’s bagpipe playing cousin.  Like you do.


Anywho.  For my party a few weeks back I decided I wanted the decor to have the same light summer feeling I was going for with the food.  We got super lucky with the weather and were able turn off the AC and open up the balcony.  This clearly meant that I could finally realize my dream of stringing lights up Italian celebration style.

italian lights

I was able to find the perfect lights at Target (the same as these on Amazon, as the Target ones don’t pop up online), and then used 3M hooks to attach them to the ceiling.  I would recommend using small nails if you live somewhere humid (like moi) as the 3M hooks did not hold and we have had some breakage in the subsequent weeks, which make me sad.


To decorate the table I tossed a stripped cloth down, I feel that its slightly rumbled look made it more homey and less like I hate to iron.

The party was a great excuse to pull out all the pretty serving pieces we got as wedding presents, cause really how often do you get an excuse to use those.  We also decided to use real wine glasses, as we have tons and they are prettier then disposable.


For the beverages I poured the sangria mix and the peach soda concentrate into pitchers and set out bottles of wine (refilled from the boxes in the fridge) along with bubbly water from the Soda Stream to allow everyone to mix as they choose.

DSC_0073 DSC_0075

To cover up the alcove in our dining room that we use for storage I created a curtain of crepe paper alternating blue, orange, green, and pink and using two different colors of washi tape (thanks to the darling AB Chao for the red polka dot from my bag at Design Camp).  Once I got into the groove it only took about 20 minutes to do and still looks adorable.


In addition to having the  balcony open we also rearranged the living room to have little conversation area for our guests to wander through, and for me to pop in and out of as I bopped around taking care of things.

Thanks to good food, awesome friends, and a darling dishwasher monkey we were able to have a fantastic party.  Tell me about your summer parties, I would love to hear what you are up to!


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