Not to offend anyone one, BUT the 2012 elections was awesome!!

Even if you disagree, and that’s cool if your do, you cannot disagree with chili!

As my darling hubs has brought to my attention, I do not follow recipes.  I use them as an outline of how to make things I have never made, but them I tweak them.  For dinner on November 6th I decided to make turkey chili cheese dogs, in honor of my crazy VP who for election day 2008 bought about $600 of Ben’s Chili Bowl for our office (the majority of which was consumed the next morning to combat hangovers).

any-who-dle, I decide to make red chili to pour over hot dogs so I started with a Rachel Ray recipe, however I changed it quite a bit.  First, I sauteed the onion and garlic to get some nice flavor going, then added the turkey and cooked it till no longer raw ( I am sure there is a fancy word for that), then added the spices, tomatoes (used two small cans), and BBQ sauce, and then simmered it/tasted it until it acquired the flavor I wanted.

Then I cooked up some hot dogs (on the grill pan), and set up a buffet so folks could combine hot dogs, chili, cheese, one onions and everyone watched results roll in.

Happy Election day y’all (I live in the South so I am allowed to say y’all!!)!

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