After three month of having a job where I worked weekends, and evenings (and everything in between), I am free!!  My new job, which we can chat about later, gives me back my nights and weekends and let’s me spend time with my favorite people.

To celebrate my first Sunday of freedom in quite a while the hubs and I met some friends at the new restaurant in Union Market, Bidwell, which was super fun as it was their first brunch service and watching the staff figure out how to get it all right was adorable.  Plus they have unlimited mimosas, which makes everything more amusing!


After that we clearly had to wander the market and collect all the necessary items to make dinner.  A few weeks before I had gotten Food and Wine’s steakhouse roundup, bless them for knowing we need soothing red meat and savory sides to survive all of this polar vortex nonsense.  In the magazine there was a recipe for butter braised rib eye steaks (yes, steak braised in butter!), and I knew I wanted to make them but needed to get really nice rib eyes to do that with.  Luckily the lovely folks at Harvey’s Market were there to help me out.  While their meat is not cheap, it is sustainable, antibiotic free, and so flavorful and delicious that you almost don’t need to do anything to it at all.

photo (2)

To go with the steaks I made maple braised carrots, also from F&W, using bourbon maple syrup from the gorgeous ladies at Salt & Sundry, I know I have written about the fun that Amanda and her team bring to Union Market, but what I also love is that I can go in to drool over the gorgeous furniture that I hope to get some day when I am a grown up, and still walk out with a wee bottle of syrup that will make my dinner delicious and me happy!

photo (1)

What was great about this meal is that it was warm and incredibly satisfying but the whole thing took maybe 20 minutes, or one glass of wine in Jessica time, and let me get back to enjoying my Sunday!


What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

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