When cultures collide


When you travel to four countries in about a month you get very confused about what sort of food you are supposed to eat where.  In that case the only thing to do is combine cultures into one meal of awesome and hope it works out, which is what I did in Mazatlan over Christmas.

The resort we stayed in with my family over Christmas (go ahead, feel bad for us, I’ll wait) had kitchens in the suites, and the town itself had a fantastic market with selling meat (including half a cow and a whole pigs head), fresh seafood, veggies of all kinds, cheeses, and your run-of-the-mill grocery items.

I knew that there was blender in the kitchen so my first thought for dinner was skirt steak with a chimichurri sauce and something on the side (probably a lime rice situation).  However, I decided I was in the mood for pasta, I know in Mexico that makes no sense.  Then I found a vendor with brown pinoli (pine nuts) which I had never seen in the US, so then some sort of pesto seemed logical.  Then to add a Mexican twist to the whole thing I tossed in a few jalapenos, thus giving the world a mash up between pesto and chimichurri for a chimichurrio sauce!mazatlan market

Tossed over some pasta and some sort of thick, meaty, white fish (the exact name got lost somewhere between my wonky Spanish and the fish monger making fun of me for almost ordering 1.5 kilos instead of 1.5 pounds)that was marinated in white and tiny Mexican limes, it made an excellent and festive family dinner.

mazatlan meal

What did you eat for the holidays?

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