Apparently there are 15 days left in 2013.  15.  Days.  Ho-ly crap.


2013 was a bit of a total and complete shit show so I have high hopes that 2014 will get its act together and stop screwing with me and all of my people.  Part of the 2013 shit show includes a lack of time to see friends and hang out, so to rectify that we are throwing a party.  In order to pull it off and not serve warm soda and crackers I have to come up with a simple menu that can either be done before hand or can be set up super quick between getting home from work and everyone arriving.

A few recipes for the party I am swiping from my mom.  The first is the greatest hot artichoke dip ever, you can either serve it with bread or carrot and celery sticks, sweetness of the veggies pairs really well with the spice from the green chilies in the dip.

Another super simple recipe I am going to make/have the hubs make while I change into something sparkly, is roasted shrimp.  All you have to do is toss the shrimp in a bowl with olive oil and Old Bay seasoning, till they are totally covered.  Then roasted them at 400 degrees for 8ish minutes and serve with cocktail sauce.  BTW, cocktail sauce can be made to taste with ketchup and horseradish, you’re welcome.

To round out the menu I am going to get some fresh and delicious guacamole from the nice folks at Trader Joe’s and probably make some espresso brownies.

Beverage wise I am going to make a prosecco punch and then put out lots of mixers so people can help clean out the liquor cabinet!  The punch I invented at Thanksgiving, you mix 1 part unsweetened cranberry juice with the zest and juice of one orange and a handful of pomegranate seeds with 2 parts prosecco.

Also, just a heads up, you can order party supplies from Amazon and they will deliver them right to you!

Hopefully this party will help usher out an annoying year and in a better one, and in the mean time we can drink and wear some fake mustaches!!


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