You put the lime in the coconut


Or rather you put the sweet potato in the coconut.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking making a sweet potato gratin, and had planned to test my theoretical recipe on Monday.  Then the temperature hit 80 and eating something covered in cream and cheese did not sound terribly tasty belly so it became necessary to get crafty.

Then I realized that I did have the right things to make a very simple Thai curry with the sweet potatoes as the base.  When the hubs and I were in Bangkok we took a Thai cooking class, which was amazing, but hit home the fact that Thai curries are incredibly complicated, so when I say mine was simple I mean it consisted of 5 ingredients, plus the sweet potatoes.


I choose to slice the potatoes very thin, as I love my new mandolin and want to use to constantly, but i think you could accomplish a similar result with chunks of sweet potatoes.









This dish would be PERFECT for a busy week night, as it takes very little time, you could even chop everything in the morning and have it in the fridge ready to go when you get home.  I served it as a main dish on top of ginger rice (make the rice following the instructions on the package, then add powered ginger until it tastes good to you), but this dish would also be good as a side dish with chicken or pork chops.


The hubs would also like me to note that this dish is one of the few vegan dishes he approves of, and it was vegan only by accident.


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